Fashion and Music on the "HIGH END" feat. Berthold-Jean Charles

Interview by Billiejane Phengsy

Photos by  Yasma Alkoraishi


Who is, what is Berthold-Jean Charles?

Well, Berthold Jean-Charles can be described as a multifaceted individual who wears many hats and can do whatever his mind can fathom. Right now it’s music and I feel like it’s destiny. Look at me as an icon that hasn’t been discovered yet!

 Where are you from? Where have you lived?

I’m from Brooklyn, NY. The place where you get the most inspiration. I’ve also lived in queens for sometime as well. 

 When it comes to fashion and styling yourself or others, how do you create that vision?

My initial vision comes from all over. My biggest inspirations comes from what I see every single day. Also, I get really inspired by not having much. My best looks have come to fruition because I would be forced to shop on a budget and the greatest looks come to life by having to really penny pinch and find pieces that work when you literally only have a few bucks.

 Speaking with you previously, you mentioned you have a debut single that your soon to release called “High End” , this is exciting. Tell us a little bit.

I’m so geeked about this debut track! It’s definitely a fashion song that can be heard on all the runways around the world.  Let’s just say people are gonna be shook by how fresh, new and different it is. It’s my debut so I had to make sure I make it something that people will talk about.

 When did you start making music? Was this another talent you’ve always wanted to present to others.

Actually no. I started creating music late last year. Around winter, I first started to freestyle and get a feel for that. In November of 2017 I was working on a song for a fashion film I wanted to premiere but then since people would always think I was a musician I said you know what let me write a song and since I would always put quotes on my Facebook page and people would be inspired I was like music it is! Putting words together is definitely an art that should be respected like being a scientist. You have to really be mindful of what your creating because one misstep and your idea won’t come together the way you want. 

 What are some of your favorite fashion brands and why?

Saint Laurent, Prada and dsquared2. All of these brands have a distinctive look and I’m all about clothing that screams I’m here! 

 Are you working on any collaborations with others for styling or any music purposes?

At this moment I’m solely focused on my debut single.

 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as an artist?

Touring around the world.

 What are some of the strangest/weirdest questions people have asked you? How did you feel? 

Man, people say and do so many strange things in my presence it’s mind blowing. I just feel happy. Whether good or bad you noticed me and are talking and that’s a blessing. Cause if people ain’t talking about you then your not doing anything worth talking about. One recent instance was when I went out to the public hotels in New York City and people kept calling me prince, Jimi Hendrix and asap rocky all in one night. They kept giving me free drinks all night. It was probably because of my braids, Smokey eye and eclectic style that was screaming rock-star!

 Words of inspiration, what would they be?

People’s thoughts and opinions of you are a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Don’t let it make you upset just look at it this way people only talk about the things they wish they could be.