All work, No Play feat. Charles All Blue - Issue 4


Interview & Photos by Jesse Carlucci


Getting off a stop early at West 4th street, I walk through my childhood stomping grounds of the West Village to Greenwich Village, anticipating my morning with Charles All Blue. My new friend who has quickly gained a spot in my heart, despite our meeting only two times. The first time we worked together was at Brian Wood’s Wood shoppe on Orchard Street, where I shot him in a multitude of outfits, all of which he wore with such ease and beauty. One zip car ride, one subway ride, and 7 hours later, we were friends, exchanging New York stories and discovering connections that ring so unique and all too familiar in New York narrative. It no longer felt like a photoshoot, but a chill sesh with a long lost buddy. So it should come as no surprise that I was almost speed-walking to our second date, as I like to call it, our Papertrail Interview day, another page in the book of Charles and Jesse adventures.


Charles, a 73 year-old guy who often seems to possess more youth than some 20-somethings I know, has been a streetwear guru for quite some time now, having worked at the Strand for 20 years and watching the evolution of Soho and the LES from shady grounds to the hub and capital of New York streetwear. As the city adapted, so did Charles, and his wardrobe. But Charles’ search for new threads, or rather the threads search for Charles, didn’t stop in New York. He always manages to whip out a piece new to my eyes that has come from nearly half-way around the world.