H33M Meets Seattle, Courtesy of TOE-JAM

SEATTLE, WA - Long-time heritage streetwear brand “H33M” found their way into Toe-Jam last Friday, making this their first official above-ground sighting in the Seattle area. As a rapidly growing independent name that has made some powerful moves the east coast, from runway shows on 42d Street to pop-ups in the LES, H33M shares a kindred similarity to the mystery that is Toe-Jam - that is, a “future focus.” Toe-Jam is for the youth, providing Seattle with a platform for artists and vendors, and collaborating with heavy-hitters on shows and parties up and down the west coast. As an independent name respectively, these guys have managed to throw the biggest bangers in Seattle while keeping a low profile, proven by the constant packed crowd on a solid month-to-month basis. These two names collaborating represent a drive that all successful brands carry - a drive that pushes themselves to branch out, connect, and bring each other from the underground into the spotlight. Check out photos of H33M’s latest threads from their Spring ‘19 Look Book , spotted in Seattle!

photos by @speederrparker

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@chloecreasy @ew_matth @kathrynkings @angryotti

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@angryotti @50khaniee @ew_matth @chloecreasy


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