Shadow Mosez: Lost Filez

Photo by Luke Lauren

Photo by Luke Lauren

July 10th, 2018

By Luke Lauren

Shadow Mosez returns with blood and bad luck in his sights, dropping another visual titled under the "Lost Files" this past Friday, the 13th. The video was shot at an undisclosed location in Brooklyn, somewhere around late October 2017, and includes footage reminiscent of mixed horror - near to a slight "See No Evil" vibe. The Shadow God's reign is quickly picking up speed as he recently dropped an EP, single, and music video - all within the last three months. Shadow Mosez's new visual, titled "She Want MY Blood" can be considered another new addition to the darkness. Look out for more content from Shadow Mosez, very soon. (Video shot by creative and visual director Patrick Chen)

Shot & Edited by +MetaCollage Directed by Dante Goetia
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