Meet & Greet Interview Questions w/ Music Artist Swell

Where are you from?

I’m from a little place called Dyckman, in uptown New York. The projects.

What is your musical background? What got you into it?

I got into music by being inspired by people around me and everyday life.


Better days video, how’d that happen and how did you meet Flipp Dinero?

Better Days, basically, the way that started with a vision. I made the song and knew I heard him on it so I sent it to him and we made it happen.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the game?

I think music and hip hop are in a great space and time, and history. Everything is booming right now. I think I contribute to hip hop by telling my stories. I feel like my story can help somebody else. I have a story to tell and I feel like there’s certain things in my story that can help other people get through whatever they may be going through.

How do you separate yourself from other artists?

I separate myself by just being myself. I try not to fall into too many trends or waves. I express myself and try to make the best music I can make. And I’m not a clout chaser.

When it comes to my legacy, I want people to think about “Better Days.” Not my song, but better days for themselves because that’s what I stand for. I just wanna see better days for me, my people, my family, my friends, people around me. I’m just Tryna Get Right so when you think about me, just think about what you could be doing to see better days and get right.

Who is your favorite artist right now?

Meek Mill is my favorite artist. He inspired me to start rapping. He made me feel like I could do I had a story to tell.

Who are you planning to collaborate with next?

I’m open to working with anybody that has a good message. I’m open to networking.

What are some of your favorite brands of clothing?

Nike, definitely. I really only wear uptowns. All different colors and flavors. Guess I’m an uptown dude. But there’s no brand that really sticks out.

Otherwise, I just put shit together. If it’s drippy, imma wear it.

If you could date any other musician or celebrity who would it be and why?


If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

I’d still be an entrepreneur and trying to impact my community in a positive way.

How’d you hear about us at Papertrail Magazine?

Heard about it through my publicist, Brianna. I’d recommend her. I’ve definitely seen them on the gram before but she put me on.

Give a shout out…

Shoutout to everybody who is on my side, in my corner, helping me, who believes in me, who has ever streamed my music, watches my videos. Shoutout to anyone who has ever supported me in any way and who's gonna support me in the future. Shoutout to everybody.