A love poem by Traci Abbott



Yemayá Rebirth

Artist: Naila Saphia
Handle: @mellowdomingo

It rained that day
It flooded
I dreamt I was drowning
I drowned
Time flew over my head
Everything happened at the same time and I wondered when everything was over when would I get lost in the moon?
To be lost in the moon is to transport into the stars
Is to dive into the earths womb
Is to stay in a state of nothingness
While being in a state with everything
To sit in a place where the atmosphere joins forces with itself
To create/ to create/to create
I aged
The sandbox turned to pavement my footprints turned to footsteps
and I wondered when I aged again and looked back on this time would I look back as if I was a child?
The moon is the earths only natural satellite
The moon should've been teaching the ocean to be infinite
It was infinite on its own
When the ocean and the moon collide is when everything awakens
There is something about the ocean and the  moon that is the same
It's that it has aged and has never aged
At the same time
I admire that